Below are the pages for the fronts and backs of the tags for the Peyton Heart Project. If your printer does automatic double-sided printing (long-edge binding): set it to print pages 2 to 21.

If your printer doesn’t print both sides by itself: set it to print the front of the EVEN pages, then turn them over and run them through the printer again printing page 3 on the backs of all the pages. Make sure the same edge is up on both sides. (Test one first.)

Use a hole punch to place a hole in the upper LEFT corner of the front of each tag. Then, attach the tags to the hearts. We use brightly colored card stock for our tags. It helps them get noticed when they are left in public places. Only use thick paper to print out the tags please—at least 65-lb weight card stock. Regular 20- to 24-lb copy paper is just not strong enough.

Please do not attach 2 single-sided tags (even if they are glued together to make them look double-sided). If you cannot print duplex on card stock, we prefer you send them without any tags.

Have fun and please take some photos along the way. Be sure to share them on our Facebook page or Instagram. Be sure to mention that you are scattering the hearts when you post the photos. When posting on social media please add the hashtag #PeytonHeartProject to your photos.

Please do not alter the files in any way. This includes changing any quotes; changing the layout; changing the font; changing any colors; adding or deleting icons.

When scattering hearts it is your responsibility to know what the laws are regarding leaving things in public in the locations you are putting them in. Please pay close attention to all laws and regulations when you are scattering your hearts, for example, watch for No Trespassing! signs. Do not leave hearts in state parks or national parks. Please avoid scattering hearts where they might be seen as litter. The Peyton Heart Project is not responsible for hearts left in locations where they are not permitted to be left.

Please do not insert hearts or tags into vending machine slots or ATM slots or gas pump slots or any other card reader or money slot. It can jam the machinery.

Our hearts cannot be left in mailboxes for people to find unless they have gone through the postal system with postage on them.

Regular Tags

Our regular tags are available in various languages with quotes on one side and links on the other.

The translations from English to other languages were provided to us by volunteers. As such, we can’t guarantee their accuracy. If you see an error in the translation, please bring it to our attention.

Special Crisis Tags

This is a black and white file of all four U.S. crisis numbers on one tag. (Two on the front and two on the back.) Please punch the holes where indicated (X).

Special Crisis Tags

In Honor of … Tags

Only tags that are made/authorized by The Peyton Heart Project are permitted to be attached to our hearts. By ordering hearts/tags from us you agree that you will not attach your own tags/cards, etc., and that you will not write on or deface our tags in any way. This includes adding hashtags, numbers, names, websites, etc. A personalized memorial tag file is available from us for a small fee. Please contact us for information. Thank you.

If you have an old file that says anywhere on the tag “Sidewalk Smiles,” please discard that file and download a new, updated file.

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