In Memorium

Lennon Baldwin

Lennon lived in Morris Township, NJ. He was a championship bowler, winning numerous team and individual awards, and even began to accumulate college scholarships. He loved bowling in his Saturday morning youth league at Madison Plaza Lanes with his bowling buddies and great coaches, where he bowled a number of 600 series, with a high game of 258. When he walked into the alley with a bowling bag carrying four bowling balls, you could tell he meant business. Lennon was an accomplished musician, playing both drums and guitar. He would hear a song he wanted to play, and sit on his computer with guitar in hand learning it, and learning it well! He had just gotten recording equipment and was learning how to mix songs. Lennon was a longtime camper and a counselor-in-training at Diamond Gymnastics. He enjoyed the camaraderie of the counselors and campers. He loved to go on vacations with family and friends. He always looked forward to annual vacations in Maine and Wildwood, N.J., but had a special place in his heart for Yosemite, which he thought was the most beautiful place in the world, and the Atlantis in the Bahamas, which he thought was just plain fun! Lennon was a pro at Xbox, and he spent many an hour with his headphones on, looking like an air traffic controller. His Call of Duty skills were unsurpassed. He was an expert skier at a very early age and was a member of the ski club in middle school. Lennon enjoyed playing basketball in the driveway and throwing a football around with friends. He also liked to ride his longboard around the neighborhood. Lennon had an absolute love of animals (except snakes!). He loved his cats, Tina and Furby, and treated animals gently and with much kindness. He was patient and loving to them, talking to them and treating them like human beings. He always wanted a St. Bernard, his favorite dog. His favorite shows were “South Park,” “The Simpsons,” and “The Office.” Lennon had a great wit and sense of humor; his laughter and smile will be greatly missed by all. Some of his one-liners and retorts are famous with family and friends. What Lennon really wanted was to be loved, respected, and accepted by his peers. Now Lennon is finally at peace.

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